Hour of Code

Well it would seem that I have missed out February’s post, however a busy month has left me with lots to talk about.

Firstly, what a treat to have had the half term break. I’m sure most teachers would agree that it had been a tiring start to the new year and a nice long sleep was just what was needed. During the holiday, I spent time analysing my class’ most recent phonics screening check scores (as talked about at #TMBETT14) and they had once again made progress. By continuing to use an alien theme and link to @classdojo, the children are as enthused as ever about beating their last score and making progress.

A risk assessment visit to the Deep and a parking ticket later, I found myself at the #EICE conference in Manchester. As the tag line had been ‘Education Innovation’, it seemed a good place to visit. Albeit, a seemingly smaller version of #BETT, it allowed the exhibitors more time to talk to delegates. I am greatful to @janharrison21 of @Naace for taking the time to help me with some ideas around technology and forward thinking and @timrylands for sharing yet more useful resources during his presentation. My highlight, however, was a lengthy chat with @triches about the potential for using @openbadges within school. I have started to look at this idea and I’m excited to see what happens next.

The first week back at school coincided with the #hourofcode week. Being keen to start coding with my Y1’s, I used our hall time to ‘program’ a simple robot – me!
Having previously shown the class @Baggiepr‘s brilliant ‘Program your teacher to make a jam sandwich‘ video, they set about trying to instruct the robot to walk from one side of the hall to the other, overcoming obstacles along the way. This was promptly followed by half an hour back in class trying to write or draw directions and ‘code’ to make an Angry Bird get the green pig. Finally, we used the demo games on the Espresso Coding website and made our own aquarium. Watch the slideshow at www.bowlingparkprimary.net!

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2 thoughts on “Hour of Code

  1. Reblogged this on Primary Learning and Teaching and commented:
    My first ever reblog so I’m not entirely sure how it works but I love seeing ks1 staff get involved in code in an appropriate way. I’m following this blog as part of my own learning journey now. Adele.

    • Thank you. That is very kind. I will endeavour to update it more frequently over the course of the year. Watch this space…

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