Nothing Toulouse and all to gain via Agent4Change

Hello all,

I’ve been rather busy since last year writing yet more articles and oh…moving to London to start a new job.

During the Easter holidays 2015, I decided that I needed a new challenge. A few job searches on TES later and my dream job appeared right in front of me; Class Teacher and Computing Subject Leader. The only thing was that it was based in Redbridge, London. This was one of those sink or swim moments. Do I apply and, heaven forbid, actually get the job or do I stay where I am, nice am comfortable in West Yorkshire?

Having visit ed London on numerous occasions for various conferences and meetings during my own time, I had fallen in love with the idea of living in the Big Smoke but never actually had the guts to do anything more than talk about it. I also wanted to take on more responsibility at work and the very title of the job I had found seemed to have been telling me something. I spent a good two days writing my application and researching information about the school and local and as I press ‘submit application’ on the email to the Head, a sense of excitement came over me.
Living 200 miles away had meant that I hadn’t been able to do the usual visit to the school before applying which had niggled me enough to call the school and arrange an appointment to speak with Mrs Buxton, the then Head of Redbridge Primary (@RedbridgePS). Upon having a quick chat with her and after putting the phone down, I knew how much I wanted to work there.
Sure enough, an interview followed and after having only left the building for 20 minutes, the call came to offer me the job. My excitement was in overdrive until the moment at the motorway services where I called my mum and it dawned on me…I’m moving to London!

A busy Summer of house hunting and moving ensued and my excitement wavered a little when lugging boxes and making 8 round trips from North to South. Luckily, I had help and had soon moved in with another teacher as introduced to by the lovely Dawn Hallybone (@dawnhallybone).

A year on, and with new Leadership, I am still as keen to learn as ever and on the 3rd and 4th of November this year, I traveled to Toulouse for an education conference arranged by Russel Tarr (@russeltarr). More than 250 delegates from 14 countries came to the International School of Toulouse for the ‘Practical Pedagogies’ event. With so much on show and so much to learn, it was an excellent event with lots to feedback to my own staff and plenty to share via social media too. My most recent article about it can be found on Merlin John’s (@merlinjohn) Agent4Change website.

Eighteen months on from that initial decision to change something, I look forward to what’s to come as there truly is nothing to lose and all to gain…

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