Springing into Action

This post is dedicated to the inspiring, wonderfully creative @bevevans22, who sadly passed away last month. I was fortunate enough to have met Bev on a few occasions over the past couple of years since embracing the world of Twitter and was always impressed by her warmth and creativity. For many teachers, they may not know her name, but they will have a Bev Evans resource somewhere in their classroom. Bev’s legacy can  be judged through countless downloads of the free resources she uploaded to the TES SEN site. That said,  it’s her dedication and commitment to improving the lives of children that will be remembered most.

The impact that Bev had on the world of education encourages me to continue to be creative and innovative through my own practice.
Recently, I have asked my Y1 children to demonstrate their creativity through topic lessons. In a recent music session, I introduced them to a website called ‘Incredibox‘, whereby they got to compose their own song through assembling various sounds. By using Incredibox to maintain a steady background beat, we built on it and composed a variation of a well know farm-themed song. Visit the Bowling Park Primary website to listen to the final composition and to view our iPad art based on the work of David Hockney.

As Spring is well and truly here, I thought it an appropriate moment to take time to reflect on the first months of 2014. As my theme for the year is ‘change’, I was inspired by various people at #EdShow14 in Birmingham last month. As I walked up and down the aisles, I saw so many innovative products, ideas and people, which further inspire me to make a difference in the lives of children. I enjoyed learning about the latest news from #BETT award winners @Showmyhomework, catching up with @chrisrat on the @scholastic stand and listening to the ever inspiring @stevebunce demonstrating just how easy the Computing Curriculum can be.

Bradford have had different holiday times to other authorities, which has meant that I have enjoyed this past week considering what the Summer Term might look like for children in my class. Discussions with fellow educators has led me to consider developing the idea of #DigitalLeaders and @OpenBadges. Watch this space…

Making the most of my alternative week off, I took myself down to London for some rest and relaxation, beginning my trip with a lovely catch up at South Bank for #pizzaed. Many folk attended including @mberry, @digitalmaverick, @gillbudgell, @dawnhallybone to name a few. It was here that I learned more about how Mary Farmer @ebd35 has been using technology in her school and about the insightful work that @oliverquinlan is doing at @nesta_uk. Special thanks go to @andreacarr1 for organising the event.
From one lovely evening to another, other meet-ups included a good old chat with @tonyparkin about the wonderful city of #York and @jachapman82 and her brand new blog which can be found at

And so, full of the joys of spring after a lovely break, I look ahead to this week and seeing the smiling faces of my Y1’s tomorrow morning. Let’s hope that they too have had a fantastic holiday and are ready to spring into action from 8:45am…




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Blapp Snapp

After a long but productive first term back at school, it is my turn to write about apps that have worked in my classroom as part of @ideas_factory’s #BlappSnapp.

As our topic was entitled ‘In Our Dreams’, the literacy focus was around stories. This encompassed taking note of settings, characters and story structures with teaching points of adjectives and connectives throughout.

Within the first few weeks, children were introduced to Puppet Pals, which they very quickly began to use independently. Example at

Another great app for developing an understanding of sentence structure is Clicker (although a little pricey). It helped my Y1’s to see how to use capital letters and full stops without the worry of the physicality of writing it down.

In maths, we have been learning about a range of concepts, particularly around number. The Special Numbers app has been a popular choice. Strangely, ‘Brushes’ has been a way of recording work, for example number sentences, and the boys especially have got into it purely because it was on an ipad.

Finally, the whole topic came to an end and the final outcome was to produce a film of the various traditional tales we had studied.

The whole year group used ‘iMovie’ with excellent results! Each class took one story and recorded on ‘iMovie’, then an adult used Movie Maker to put the whole thing together. View it on the Bowling Park website.

I hope this is useful and I will update with more apps as I find them to be useful.

Happy Holidays everyone, much deserved I’m sure!

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